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Numeridex started in Chicago as a partnership in 1965, and subsequently incorporated as an Illinois Corporation in August of 1967. Originally concentrated in the manufacturing of metal cabinets used for the storage of NC (numerically controlled) polyester control tape, and later expanded its product line to include NC control tape, becoming one of the largest distributors of this product in the United States.

In the mid 1970’s the company moved to Wheeling, IL, where it is still located today, and in 1977 Numeridex introduced the first microprosseor based NC programming system using the Intel Corporation’s 8088 Single Board computer. The hardware of the original system included a tape punch manufactured by Data Specialties, Inc. which in later years would become Zebra Technologies.

Following this introduction, Numeridex produced many newer and more sophisticated microprocessors based NC programming systems, until in 1989 the Company sold its electronic products division to Automation Intelligence, Inc, and it again concentrated its efforts to distributing NC supply products to manufacturing companies.

As a result of advances in computer related technologies, NC essentially became obsolete and was replaced by the newer CNC (computerized numerical control), which eliminated the use of tapes and diskettes as the medium to store programs. Consequently Numeridex’s management decided to redirect its efforts into Label and Barcoding Products.

Our Mission is the national distribution of a complete line of Labels and Barcode related products including printers, labels, verifiers, scanners, and barcode software.